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Very soon I learned that my blood contains not only well-known and expected constituents but a larger proportion of volatile mineral oil distillates, also known as " gasoline ". I even mean to know that the german vocable " auto " belongs to my first phonetic attempts (I was still completely toothless). Apart from countless custom- (and to the extremely small section also unfortunately consumption -) mobiles, some models of the 50's, 60's and 70's are belonging to my fundus since the college time. Under advice and energetic assistance of my father (who gave, how consulted physicians say, probably this " infection " to me) all those cars are preserved, maintained and, as must be feared, constantly extended. Those cars and bikes, which possibly have no extreme market and scarcity value, however for me represent a link to my childhood, in which these automobiles determined the images of our streets.

I may present you a few impressions and I hope to find a few interested people because I `m looking for another "therapeutic group of self-helps"..... I`m asking for understanding my unprofessional features, but I operate to contents......

By the way, I beg your pardon about my very bad english.......



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VW 1303 LS Cabriolet 1976

1600 ccm, 50 german HP

Since 1981 this vehicle is in my ownership and was completely revised at that time, unfortunately I have only a bad picture from that time. Only I know that the reconstruction in such a way bound me that I carried the wrench in hands the eve of an examination still as far as 02 a.m. then to drive to my college at 5 a.m. in the early morning....some 450 kms far away.

Briefly: examination smoothly mastered, vehicle assembly also... since June 2000 this vehicle has been restored in all sections, the original motorizing is consciously maintained (1600ccm, 50 german HP).

But he is gone....sold to another classic car enthusiast in May 2008 :(

....successful "striptease"....


blowin` away the shape of rust....

the "finish" !!!

(...to be continued with some sunny outdoor pics)


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Porsche 911 Carrera 1 Cabriolet "G-Model" 1984


After my beloved Beetle Cabriolet has left in May 2008, there was an "empty space" in our garage although space reasons led to the sale.

Such melancholy emotional states would lead to a bath of painful memories. Dangerous, very, very dangerous!

Here in this way, too. A random was the view to a photo standing in our office, the picture of our Porsche 911 (964) Targa Carrera 2, driven in the 90s :

  (1992 Targa 964, about 1995)

Mmhhhmm, a Porsche would be something interesting, In this way - especially after the disappearing of my beloved Beetle - it would be a worthy reminding of the good old Professor Ferdinand Porsche, although this special mobile has been the idea and creation of his son Ferry and his grandchild Ferdinand Alexander...

Well, who absolutely is looking for the right decision criterions for his own justification would argue in this way, wouldn`t he?

Well and right! An "Elfer"(like spelling "eleven" in 9-11 in german language) must not be a non-affordable car like a classic 356-type but a convertible in each way! The 964-model is much too young, has too many modern electronic gimmick features, its maintenance sometimes only can be reached through considerable efforts to accomplish (who ever have had one can realize what I mean ...), a Targa does not have enough fresh air above its top (aarrgghhh. ...), an air-cooled engine would be no question (you know, air never freezes) - so what are we?

Naturally, only a 1984 is THE well cabriolet! As a "Carrera 1", as the first "plein-air" after the 356 without any mistake-loving accessories, who needs ABS, ESP, ABC, XYZ, etc., etc., if he is collector-car enthusiast? In addition to the 3.2-litre engine, the most resistant engine so far. And although it has the U.S.-engine with the catalyst and therefore only 207 HPs, power is still enough for driving with fun, but precisely here in Germany with the right to drive through restricted environment-zones with green plaque - my heart, do you really want anything more?

Only ,.....how to find this?

Well, after my experiences in caution with U.S. imports during the searching of the "
Pagoda", concerning aquizing and shipping it to Europe, I have some security in my search and with sufficient scepticism on the internet research I checked out all the offers and the responses of the various sellers to filter out the truth from the "told stories" I have opted for this following beautiful vehicle:

The reasonable and "very interesting," rate, the second-hand-feature from a collector, who has owned it since 1991, guaranteed only a few more than 60,000 miles on the odometer, confirmed non-accident state and the really mild signs of wear for his age.

Although silver is currently in falling favor of lovers, but such a mobile has only to be bought according to your own taste and not for "time modes". The interior contrast is combined often with silver, but not often with dared "can-can"-red - just wonderful!

A beautiful and almost untouched interior, there is no smell of "pimpers" ever ....

...and no pimpered wheels with stunning and numbing ugly chrome ... just the beautiful and simple original "foxes" ("Fuchs" is the german word for a fox!), repeating the black color of the roof !



Only the large U.S. rear rubber buffers need to be reflected ....:

Isn`t it a nice plate for a "Carrera 1" ?

VW Karmann Ghia Cabriolet 1967

1500 ccm, 44 german HP

This vehicle is likewise since 1981 in my ownership and it was acquired at that time in rather desolate and incomplete status. Since this time we gathered piece for piece of original new parts, as far as they were available. Fortunately meanwhile there is a quite lively insider-market with good special suppliers without a doubtful " backyard image " in Germany and North America, the fan municipality is relatively large, even if all aren`t " disturbed " like we are, to restore that as in the way shown. Since March 2000 we`re restoring this vehicle in all sections under most extensive use of original new spare parts. Only an extremely miserable photodocument exists from those times.

patchwork of a patcher......

...we need the "intensive care unit" with eyes wide shut.......

the esthetics of really classic design ...




YOU ALSO SHOULD HAVE A LOOK AT Karmann Ghia Cabriolet 1967

ALSO NICE PICS UNDER Treffen2003, ORGANIZED BY Karmann Ghia IG Lippe.

(many thanks to Klaus Morsch....:-) )

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VW 1200 Export Limousine (Sedan) 1969

1200 ccm, 34 german HP

This vehicle has been acquired in the middle of the 80's , motorized in the original state with 1200 ccm an 34 HP. It was originally free of accidents with a genuine odometer state of 60000 kms. In 1999 I revised this car and assembled original new fenders, smaller putty placed had to be restored after light "bumpings" by the previous owner. Additionally new original footboards and headlights had been installed.

By the way, the disassembly discovered a completely stainless car, so that the original lacquer and the interior equipment could have been untouched (over 30 years without any "update" and in colour combination up-to-date in the ancient times).

This our "Beetle" was however sold in May 2003 because we had no free space......

untouched since 1969 with original odometer state




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BMW 501 V8 1957

2600 ccm, 110 german HP

I can`t leave it...

the work could go out. But this was and is one of my ultimative youth dreams: the " baroque angel "!! Eight whispering pots, four quite particularly fastened doors, the atmosphere of this interior... shortly, it must had been simply done, when I discovered this vehicle in the Internet, and on 12th of November 2000 it has been acquired. Still full of power, with some customs tracks, but completely! Surely it will have to wait for its general revision, but sometime.....

.....well, folks, that are wonderful " roundnesses ", ain`t that...?



http://www.terrysaytherauto.com and



YOU ALSO SHOULD HAVE A LOOK AT BMW 501 V8 1957 (new project)


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Mercedes Benz 220 S Limousine 1956 ("Ponton")

2200 ccm, 100 german HP

Our oldest family member... since 1971 it is living in our car park, as my father got it from an old friend. Technical in well order it did its duty until 1973 to be rested afterwards. Yes, since almost thirty years it was sleeping like Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" to be kissed alive now . We do have had "some" works but now, in October 2006 the engine is running like a young virgin and we are enjoying the naturally shape of "strawbeery-red metallise".

See the old photograph of 1973 below to feel the ancient times....

shape of 1973


some impressions of beginning restauration works.....

after blasting......the works can go on..... !!!

isn`t it a nice little engine?

Its first breathing after 33 years....

on the way home, unfortunately it was raining cats and dogs


..........to be continued !

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230 SL "Pagoda" 1966

2300 ccms, 150 german HPs

In the year 1966 I went to primary school for the very first time. At that time this beautiful car has been driven warm initially, as I suppose. In early 1966 this car has been manufactured. Delivered to Mercedes-Benz factory dependance Duesseldorf in Germany, licensed to the first owner at March 21st 1966, it is a miracle in which way this pagoda has been moved to the U.S.A., at last it had its domicile in sunny California, precisely in L.A.. With luck and caution we met together, four weeks after transaction it arrived via ferry in Antwerp (Belgium), in his structure better than I had supposed but with a "very" little bit of labour sometimes it will be in original shape of 1966.....

.....the "sixties" alive.....

see also for more: 230 SL 1966


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Mini Cooper 1999

1275 ccm, 63 german HP

In the year 2000 the last "Mini" came off the line in Great Britain. For my wife this was the reason to be able to call her earlier youth dream her own. On the 17th of August 2000 our small new "associated" came into our family in shining tahiti blue metallic, naturally styled as a " gift package ". It works like a rubber eraser on the road!!!

Sorry, sold in November 2002 to Belgium (yes, there lives Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot (or was it Sir Peter Ustinov?))........good bye old fellow....we wish you a very long life!

...the eraser !!!

YOU ALSO SHOULD HAVE A LOOK AT Mini Cooper 1300 ccm 63 PS 1999
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Austin Healey Sprite Mk IV 1965

1100 ccm, 55 german HP

1997 my father began restoring our Austin Healey Sprite Mk IV of 1965, in our ownership since 1979. This car provided its service with German permission in Great Britain over longer time, before it was deactivated with the return to "good old Germany" for typical rust damage by the customs authorities . In this way we acquired it. From 1979 to 1997 it was sleeping sadly but dry, until it was rebuilt, as far as available with new original spare parts.

I'm sad, but it is gone in 2006..............

YOU ALSO SHOULD HAVE A LOOK AT Austin Healey Sprite Mk IV 1965


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Vespa 150 Sprint 1974

Missing a bike? Here it is:

since a few thirteen years we are glad to own this classic city-bike from lovely Italy (remember "Avanti,avanti" with the great Jack Lemmon....!!)

This "wasp" is singlehanded pre-owned in totally origin shape and clock status. Some custom tracks but no serious injuries....

Ciao Bella , have a good time in your new home in Berlin now... !

Yes, "she" is sold... :-(

a little bit of "patina" but completely in origin shape

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At last here some curiosities of my foto collection......:


A lot of thanks to the companies below, which supported us in our passion (obsession??) with act, parts and advice.

(no guarantee for the validity of the links, no responsibility for contents)

- Lars und Kirsten Neuffer, Göttingen, (all from House of Karmann ) : www.karmann-ghia.de ,

- Custom Speed Parts, Bargteheide near Hamburg (all for aircooled VWs) : www.csp-shop.de ,

- Volkswarenhaus, Stauffenberg-Lichtenhagen, (VW -Ersatzteile, not only for water-cooled VWs) : http://www.volkswarenhaus.de ,

- VW Karmann Ghia Typ 14 & 34 Interessengemeinschaft im Kreis Lippe in NRW : karmann-ghia-lippe-nrw.de ,

- Das Karmann-Ghia-Forum der grossen deutschen Karmann-Ghia-Clubs und -IG's : www.vw-karmann-ghia.de/forum ,

- Karmann-Ghia-Club Of North America : http://karmannghia.org ,


-BMW-V-8-Club, www.bmw-v8-club.de,

-BMW-Veteranenclub (The BMW-Veterans), www.bmw-veteranenclub.de,

-Schulte GmbH, BMW-Oldtimerteile (spare parts for BMW-veterans), 58762 Altena, Germany : http://www.schulte-altena.de,



-Mercedes SL-Club-Pagode e.V. Mercedes SL-Club Pagode e.V. - enthusiasts of Pagoda-Mercedes,

-Pagodentreff, a lively, nice and competent forum for SL-Pagoda-enthusiasts (only in german language) - www.pagodentreff.de ,

-"Dr. med. nip." Klaus-Peter Falke GmbH, Baarstr. 11, 58636 Iserlohn, ;"DIE NIPPELKLINIK", THE hospital for Mercedes-Benz-models of 50ies,60ies and 70ies and esp. their "hearts" and gearboxes: www.oldtimer-motoren.de ,


-Karosseriebau Blome, Bochum, Germany, (body restaurations), http://www.kfz-blome.de,

-Autolackiererei Toni Cangi GmbH,45665 Recklinghausen, Germany ( car paintings) : www.cangi.de,

-HSW Autobedarf, Bochum, Germany (spare parts, automobile equipment) : http://www.hswautoteile.de ,

and many other helpful people and "emergency units"...

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